Womens Fashions Men Hate in 2011 and Clothes Guys Don’t Want Girls to Wear

So What Ladies Fashions Don’t Men Like?

Here is a guide for those women who want men to appreciate how they look and need to know what clothes will delight a guy.

On the other hand, girls, if you want to put a man off, then here is a wardrobe that should get rid of any unwanted male admirers!

I appreciate that many of the clothing styles mentioned here exist mainly on the catwalk and are rarely seen in the high street or at the local mall being worn ‘real’ women.

Incidentally, why is it that the so called -fashion world’, inhabited by fashion writers, designers, celebrities and the rich and wealthy, create a whole raft and designs, colours and textures that no real woman wants to wear or could ever afford?

Come to think of it, why do most fashion models not look remotely like real, normal women? It’s a mystery to me but I digress.

The information here is obviously subjective but is based on a number of surveys of male opinion such as one conducted by MSN in 2010.

Ditch the Dungarees, Jumpsuits and Harem Pants

Generally men don’t like baggy shapeless clothes. We like women to have a figure of some sort. To go in at the waist, have hips and a butt or bum and also breasts. (Yes, it make surprise you to know that men like breasts).

Dungarees and Jumpsuits are therefore the first items to go in the Recycling Bin of Taste. While we are at it, those dreadful Harem Pants can go too. Do tear them up before they go in the bin so no one else can wear them!

Men, when not staring at breasts, also like ladies legs. They don’t have to be perfect legs. We like tights but we like stockings even more.

Particularly if they are supported by a garter belt, suspender belt or suspenders attached to some other garment such as a corset.

Conversely, Men are not keen on Leggings. A baggy tee shirt with leggings is particularly off putting. Jeggings, an evil cross between jeans and leggings, are even worse!

Knee Socks, Gladiator Sandals and Ugg Boots – Ugg!

Moving down the female leg, Gladiator Sandals are unwelcome as are the aptly named Ugg Boots (where do you think the name came from?).

Some of those Uggs look like the wearer trod on an unfortunate pair of small mammals and then left the corpses on their feet.

Although we do love grown up stockings, we find female socks off putting. Particularly Over the Knee Socks.

There is something not quite right about it. It’s a bit like grown up women wearing school uniform. OK in the bedroom but not in public.

Men generally don’t like women to wear Too Much Make Up (a particular sin of some women in the USA). Also, men don’t tend to like really bright colours. Neon colours and girlie pink are particularly unpopular with males. However, men tend to be attracted to girls wearing bright Red,

Tassels, Tattooed Ladies and Tuxedos

Most men, not all, are really put off by all but the smallest girl Tattoos. Men who don’t wear tattoos and men that do are united in their concern that so many women now have great tapestries of black and multicoloured inks on backs, butts and breasts.

What about jackets? Well we don’t much like women in Tuxedos. Fringes on clothes generally are a no no. While your at it, ditch the handbag with a hundred Tassels dragging on the ground.

Another massive turn off is the jacket that gives you the Furry Look like an inhabitant of Second Life. If you’re not sure what I mean, go to Second Life (it’s a virtual world so don’t expect a Sat Nav reference).

Fly around or teleport until you find someone, ie an Avatar, and 10 to 1 they will be wearing a hideous furry costume. That’s because in the real world furry people are not welcomed so most of them have relocated to virtual space.

Don’t get me started on Furry Boots. They look particularly unpleasent on catwalk models with ultra thin legs. See below for a typical example from Channel.

Keep it Simple, Shapely and Feminine

What else? Really Big Sunglasses. Men are simple souls and are really attracted to a girl who smiles a lot and have lovely eyes. Big sun glasses conceal the smile and the eyes.

Guys are also generally more conservative (with a small -c’) that their female sisters. We don’t like too many accessories and other adornments. We like simple plain fabrics that don’t detract from the inner and outer beauty of the female wearer.

Lets finish on a positive note. Ladies Belts (not too fancy) are much appreciated by guys if only because they accentuate the wearers figure. Generally keep your look Simple, Shapely and Feminine

Here’s hoping that if you’re a woman and have read this far, nothing here has offended you.

If it has then share your rage via a comment below. Men, if you adore your girlfriend’s harem pants or her cute dungarees and the love of your life is a tattooed lady, then tell us what you think.

If I’ve missed anything else that women wear and you hate then just let me know!